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Webinars and training videos are a great way to learn more about #HudsonGives campaign strategies, and put your organization on the path to success! Join us for a live webinar with your NEPA Gives team, or check out the pre-recorded training videos designed to help you learn more about specific topics of all levels. No matter the size and shape of your organization, we've got the tools to help you succeed!


Getting Ready for NEPA Gives

April 2nd, 2020

3:30 PM ET to 4:30 PM ET

Learn everything you need to know about NEPA Gives, including how to register your organization for the big event and the features available to make your organization as successful as possible. We’ll conclude by answering any of your NEPA Gives questions and highlighting the resources available to make getting ready for NEPA Gives a breeze!

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Strategies For Impactful Fundraising During a Crisis

The COVID-19 outbreak has affected many nonprofits and schools as fundraising events are pivoting to virtual events and crucial funds are needed for relief efforts. During any crisis, it is important that nonprofits continue to engage with their stakeholders and connect their communities with actionable ways to make a difference.

In this pre-recorded webinar, the GiveGab team offers ways to rewrite your fundraising story during a time of crisis, how to pivot your events to 100% digital fundraising campaigns, and tools to continue engaging your community like peer-to-peer campaigns and live streaming.

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Giving Day Training Videos

Learn how to complete all of the components of your profile to create an engaging experience for donors.

  • Add donation levels??
  • Personalizing your thank you message??
Successful storytelling effectively captivates your audience and deepens their emotional connection to your organization during NEPA Gives. Meet your donors where they are, and help them become vested in your mission.
Communicating goals both internally and externally can have a direct and measurable impact on your results. Set yourself up for success by planning out your unique goals for NEPA Gives.
Having your board, 'on board' for NEPA Gives can strengthen your network of both support and outreach. Here are some ways to effectively engage board members in the day at varying capacities!

Learn all about this effective online fundraising strategy, and view some quick how-to videos to get started with GiveGab’s P2P fundraising tool.

  • Add a fundraising champion
  • Edit a fundraiser’s profile
  • Share a fundraiser’s page
Leverage social media to increase your online presence and audience engagement during NEPA Gives.

Dollars can go a lot further when leveraged as Matches and Challenges. Learn what these gifts are, how they function in GiveGab, and gain some unique strategies to successfully gamify your day with these larger donations!

  • Add a Match
  • Add a Challenge
  • Manually Apply Match
  • Deplete Match
  • What is Auto-Matching?
After NEPA Gives, we’ll help you understand what information is available to you, and how you can use it to build on existing and newly-created relationships with your organization.

Additional Resources

Not finding what you need? Check out these other tutorial videos, and chat with GiveGab’s Customer Success team via the blue chat bubble.